The Story of Lupis

The Story of Lupis

Andrea Weber

Lupis is one of the animal shelters we monthly support, and we wanted to tell the story of the woman who is behind this generous cause.

Lupis is an amazing woman who was born loving animals. Since she was a child, she used to collect abandoned puppies and kittens from the street. Presently, she is an activist against animal abuse and passionate defender of animal rights. In her country, Mexico, the government murders dogs and cats cruelly, regardless of their age or state of health, to "solve" canine and feline overpopulation.

Four years ago, when she first visited an anti-rabies center, her life took an unexpected turn, when she saw how a lady that worked there sacrificed a beautiful puppy who´s owner wanted to get rid of her because she couldn’t take care of her anymore. What surprise her the most was that the owner didn´t care or realize that this innocent creature was going to suffer and that she could have been her or someone else´s life companion.

Lupis couldn't believe what a terrible thing happened between her eyes. The weeping and pain that this puppy had suffered marked her life forever. For that reason, in 2013 she decided to give up her career to help all these animals in need that struggle to survive from horrible situations.

The great love she feels for these animals goes beyond all the obstacles that she has encountered when rescuing an animal. She carries in her heart all the memories when she sees them smile, run free, emerge from serious illnesses, sleep peacefully and get adopted by lovely people who welcome them into their lives. Today, we proudly say that with our support she has rescued over 3,500 lives.

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