Buy dog ​​drinking bottles: So that your dog is always supplied

Practical and efficient – ​​this is how you cantake care of your dog everywhere.

When walking, playing and especially in summer, dogs lose a lot of fluid. As a dog owner, it is your job to ensure thatthat your four-legged friend has enough water available. With the practical dog drinking bottles from CAROLINA CORRODI, this becomes child's play.

What does my dog ​​need a water bottle for?

Dogs cannot sweat as much as humans. Only on their paws are sweat glands. Insteadregulate their temperature by panting, although they are constantly releasing liquid into the air. Especially when it's hot or the dog moves a lot, this can be verya large loss of water can quickly occur.

The result: sooner or later the four-legged friend gets thirsty. He would prefer to fetch the water from a pond or a puddle on a walk.But such water can contain pathogensand cause your dog to get a gastrointestinal infection. In the worst case, it could even have been poisoned by animal haters.

To protect your dog from such dangers, you should give himonly drink clean, self-filtered water. Some people therefore carry a bottle and bowl with them. But that's heavy baggage. On short walks, the objects are simply unwieldy, on longer trips the wet bowl has to be packed in the bag. Oneoptimal solution, to avoid both problems is onedog drinking bottle.

Dog drinking bottles are specially made for use outside of your own home. For many keepers they arean indispensable companion in summer, especially if the walk or drive is a bit longer.

The drinking bottle also shows its value, for example if youvisit a friend, who doesn't own a dog himself and therefore doesn't own a bowl. And alsoin the cityyou no longer have to rely on restaurants or stores to provide water for dogs. With our dog water bottles you aresimply independent.

This is what makes a good dog drinking bottle

Many dog ​​water bottles work in a similar way to a thermos:If necessary, the lid can be removed, turned over and used as a drinking container. At CAROLINA CORRODI you will find even more innovative products. Here the drinking bottles have onebuilt-in bowl, into which the water runs directly at the touch of a button. If your dog doesn't want to drink after all, you can use the watervia touch of a buttonlet it run back into the bottle. This way you avoid the risk of spilling something and you can even protect your doggive water while driving.

The handy drinking bottles from CAROLINA CORRODI are specialwell suited for smaller breeds and puppies. Say goodbye to luggage you don't need! Because this modelalso fits in the handbagor can be attached to pants. An additional plus: Our dog drinking bottles are outpollutant-free, high-quality processed plasticmanufactured. This reduces the weight even further.

Buy a water bottle for your dog at CAROLINA CORRODI

At CAROLINA CORRODI you get a dog drinking bottle for on the go in three stylish colors. The bottle has a so that you can also transport it in your backpack or bagnon-spill silicone lid. Fit in the container250 milliliters of water. You can always keep an eye on the current fill level through the transparent outside, so that you can act quickly when the water is running low.

In addition to the classic dog drinking bottles, CAROLINA CORRODI has another special construction in stock. Up to 250 milliliters of water can be filled in the liquid containers, the lower part of the bottleoffers space for 200 grams of treats or dry food. So you can not only offer your darling enough water, but also a small snack whenever it is necessary.

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