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In an elegantdog sweateryour fur nose not only looks super cute, aDog sweateris a helpful and, above all, warming accessory for loved ones who are sensitive to the cold. In the transitional season, aFleece dog sweateralso be a high-quality alternative to dog coats.Learn more >>

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Which wool is suitable for a dog sweater?

The best quality for a dog sweater is high-quality and at the same time soft and warm wool, which is pleasant for your furry friend and easy to care for. These include, for example, merino wool, cotton or alpaca wool. It is important that the wool is not too coarse or scratchy so that your darling likes to wear his dog sweater. Therefore, make sure that the dog sweater fits well and still has enough freedom of movement, such as with this oneDog Sweater Liverpoolor Lancaster.

Warm, comfortable and high-quality - the elegant dog sweater without electrostatic charging

Adog sweaterLike other textiles, it can become charged due to electrostatic friction. This usually happens when different materials rub against each other. This can cause the sweater to stick in certain places or feel uncomfortable. To prevent this from happening, CAROLINA CORRODI only uses high-quality materials and fabrics that minimize electrostatic charging. Your soft companion always feels comfortable and suitably dressed.

Your advantages when buying a dog sweater from CAROLINA CORRODI

dog sweaterinspire with style, charm and maximum heat supply. Choose from chic designs in neutral colors or colorful creations that underline your dog's lively disposition. Benefit from exclusive production from Europe and Mexico and feel the love in every high-quality piece of clothing that you purchase from CAROLINA CORRODI. On cool days and in winter, do your dog a favor and warm him up with a soft onedog sweaterby CAROLINA CORRODI.

Dog sweater with style and in different sizes by CAROLINA CORRODI

For Minis and Maxis: Thesedog sweateroffer large dogs as well as small whirlwinds an elegant, stylish design for the colder days. Your darling doesn't like "pulling over your head"? No problem! CAROLINA CORRODI is happy to adapt to your wishes. That's why you can also buy the dog sweaters with practical snaps and thus guarantee a stress-free dressing and undressing.

By the way: CAROLINA CORRODI donates part of the sales proceeds to animal shelters and to the furry friends who are currently still waiting for a home. Become part of the community, support four-legged friends in need and get the best out of the clothes for your furry friend.