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You are walking with a dog the size of a manFrench bulldog, shiba-inu, pug, boston terrier, mixed breed or golden retriever puppythrough life? Then you will find the right crockery for your sweetheart here.

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38 products

38 products

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You can find ours hereinfinitely adjustable dog harnessesfor medium-sized furry friends (5-20 kg). The bestselling tableware from CAROLINA CORRODI is a trademark of our Swiss label. The JUNIOR Edition is for dogs from 4.5-10 kg, in the ADULT Edition you will find harnesses for the 10-20 kg weight class.

Clever and flexible: dog harness adjustable as your dog needs it

It is the clever design that makes this dog harness an indispensable accessory in everyday dog ​​life: Our smart system allows you to wear the harnesscontinuously adjustable in four places. It adapts flexibly and precisely to the individual size and shape of your dog.

The infinitely adjustable dog harness from CAROLINA CORRODI easily grows with your four-legged friend. In this way it can accompany you for a number of years – initially as apuppy harnessand then on through all stages of growth.

Our GAIA collection: Dogs and the environment are happy here

you are looking forsustainable dog fashion? Then be sure to check out oursCollection GAIAat. The material for these beautiful dog harnesses is too100 percent from recycled PET bottlesmanufactured. This ECO statement is available in five great colors.

In terms of comfort, quality and flexibility, the GAIA harnesses are of course at the same top level as our other models.

Your advantages when buying a continuously adjustable dog harness from CAROLINA CORRODI:

✔️ Safety through uncompromising quality ✔️ Infinitely adjustable at 4 points ✔️ soft materials for high wearing comfort ✔️ Adjustability supports the growth phase, ideal for puppies ✔️ Easily wearable over a dog sweater and dog coat ✔️ Extremely durable ✔️ modern design ✔️ Can be worn well while swimming ✔️balanced pull points prevent pulling on the larynx ✔️ easy to clean ✔️ only 140 grams heavy ✔️ Sustainably made in Europe

With us you are guaranteed to find a suitable onedog collaror oneleather leashfor your dog!