High quality & fun dog toys

Discover our high-quality dog ​​toys, specially designed to provide hours of fun and entertainment for your dog.

Whether your dog likes to chew, fetch or play with interactive toys, we have the perfect selection for every type of play. Find the ideal toy for your best friend now!


Which dog toy makes sense?

Spoil your dog in summer with our exciting water toys. Summer is the perfect time to treat your furry friend to some refreshing water fun. With cool chewing articles you ensure a pleasant cooling down. Please read oursGuide to keeping your dog cool in summerthrough.

Luxury dog ​​toy: plush in a noble design

Our super cute plush toys are an absolute hit with dog mums and dads: Discover our adorable plush toys that not only look great, but are also popular with dogs and their loving owners alike.

They not only bring joy and entertainment, but also an extra dose of cuteness into the life of your furry friend. We offer you funny designs from Chewnel to Chewy Vuiton to Sniffany & Co.

Robust dog toy for your darling

It doesn't matter if your dog enjoys cuddling, carrying them around or twirling them wildly through the air with their new plush friend. Our sturdy plush toys are designed to satisfy your dog's play instincts while giving them a sense of security.

Discover our practical feed dummy bags for retrieval!

OurLining dummy bagare the ideal solution to make retrieving with your dog an exciting and rewarding experience. These special pouches are designed so that youFill with treats or dry foodto motivate and reward your dog.

The principle is simple: you fill itFood dummy bag with your dog's favorite snacksand then throw it in the desired direction. Your dog will chase after it with enthusiasm and fetch the bag. As soon as he brings the bag, you can praise him and give him areward from the baggive.

Our food dummy bags are durable and long-lasting, so they can easily withstand intensive play and chewing. They are indifferent sizesavailable to meet your dog's needs. In addition, they areeasy to cleanso you can use them again and again.

Strengthen the bond - with puppies or adult dogs

Retrieving with a food dummy bag is not only a fun activity, it is a fun onegreat way to strengthen the bond between you and your dog. It encourages his natural instincts and offers a mental and physical challenge.

So, grab one of our food dummy bags and experience fun and adventure together with your dog while retrieving.Train together, reward each other and enjoy the special time you spend together.

Which dog toys are suitable for puppies?

All our toys are suitable for puppies as we are careful not to make small parts. So you can even leave your dog alone with his toy and keep him occupied if you don't have time for a moment.

Whether your dog enjoys chewing, fetching or playing with interactive toys, we have the perfect selection for every type of play.