CAROLINA CORRODI's goal is to provide you with quality dog apparel and fashion accessories while sharing a portion of sales proceeds with animal shelters that need resources to care for the animals in their care. So when you buy a product from CAROLINA CORRODI, you are not only buying exclusive, comfortable and fashionable dog clothes and accessories, you are also helping another animal in need of a basic diet and shelter.


The CAROLINA CORRODI team supports several animal shelters around the world, including Lupita's dog and cat shelter in Mexico City, currently with 550 dogs and 100 cats. These animals come from a killing station or were freed from emergency situations. The goal of the shelter is to find a nice and new home for the animals, which is a big challenge for Lupita every day. Lupita has rescued over 3500 dogs and cats in the last 6 years. Many people still don't give animals the respect they deserve.

Dogs that serve as guard dogs are chained by their owners, often malnourished and neglected. Such cases are also reported to Lupita. She tries to put these animals out of their misery, which is sometimes not an easy task. Every Sunday Lupita is in a park in Mexico City, where she takes 5 to 10 dogs and tries to find a new home for the animals.

  To ensure that the same fate does not threaten the animals again, interested parties must indicate their place of residence and prove that they have the necessary resources to care for the animal. Lupita employs 5 people who work 24 hours a day. Of course, all animals must also be treated by a veterinarian, which requires corresponding financial resources. Unfortunately, it often happens that old dogs are abandoned because the vet visits are too expensive for the owners.


The picture shows the owner of the label CAROLINA CORRODI (left) together with Lupita (right) on a Sunday afternoon looking for a new home for several dogs and cats.

We take our business very seriously. Our little friends suffer daily in search of food and safety. They live in the most unfair and terrible conditions. We believe everyone can help. Always remember that change starts with you!