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You love your loyal four-legged friend more than anything, and it shows in the little things of everyday life like thisDog bowl. With us you will findHigh-quality ceramic dog bowls, stylish feeding bowls for on the go or solid bowls that are guaranteed not to slip. Choose yours from trendy colors and designsbeautiful dog bowlby CAROLINA CORRODI.

Frequently asked questions about Food bowl, dog bowl, cat bowl for food and water

Warum kein Edelstahlnapf für Hunde?

Edelstahlnäpfe können laut sein und leicht verrutschen. Unsere Hundenäpfe aus Keramik bieten eine leise, rutschfeste und ästhetisch ansprechende Alternative.

Wo soll der Hundenapf stehen?

Der Hundenapf sollte an einem ruhigen Ort platziert werden, um Ablenkungen zu minimieren und Deinem Hund ein stressfreies Fressen zu ermöglichen.

Welcher Hundenapf für Havaneser?

Für Havaneser eignen sich Dog bowls mit einem Durchmesser von etwa 15 cm, damit sie bequem fressen können, ohne den Kopf zu stark zu senken.

Wie reinige ich einen Hundenapf und wie oft ist der Hundenapf zu reinigen?

Spüle den Hundenapf aus Keramik nach jeder Mahlzeit gründlich mit warmem Wasser und mildem Reinigungsmittel aus. Eine tägliche Reinigung ist empfehlenswert.

Designer dog bowl made of ceramic turns the feeding corner into a designer corner

Ceramic dog bowls with a Pomeranian

Your loyal four-legged friend is not just a pet, but a valued family member. Therefore, he deserves only the best - even when it comes to his food bowl .

Our selection of high-quality ceramic dog bowls have been specifically designed to meet your dog's needs while adding a stylish touch to your home.

Aesthetic ceramic dog bowl straight from Italy

A ceramic dog bowl impresses as a visual highlight of your interior. Our dog bowls are elaborately handcrafted in Italy and made from fine ceramic. These high-quality materials give every bowl a visible elegance and are visually impressive across the board.

Each ceramic dog bowl resembles a designer product, decorated with a pretty crown for your dog girl or a chic bow tie for all male four-legged friends.

Which dog bowl is best? Combination of functionality & elegance

The choice of dog bowl should not be underestimated. Our feeding bowls for dogs therefore offer you the ideal combination of functionality and class .

No more worrying about messy eating, poor quality or constant slipping of your bowl - our ceramic dog food bowl meets the expectations of demanding dogs and owners alike.

Food bowl for the dog - bowls that ensure optimal grip

We understand that your furry friend is full of energy and likes to be a little livelier when eating. That's why you get a dog food bowl from us, the weight of which ensures a good grip on the floor.

Fressnapf Tees or Fressnapf Loire stay in place even during the wildest meals and keep food and water in the bowl . This means you can always guarantee your four-legged friend a stress-free meal .

Ceramic dog bowl – perfect for all dog sizes

No matter whether you have a small terrier or a golden retriever, our dog bowls are available in different sizes and are a perfect fit for every dog ​​breed. With a size of 15 cm to 18 cm , they offer enough space for dog food and water in different dosages.

You no longer have to worry about whether the food bowl is big enough for your dog - with a ceramic food bowl from CAROLINA CORRODI, this is guaranteed.

Dog feeding bowl – stylish companion for on the go

Your wish for a stylish , high-quality food bowl for your dog will come true with us. Our Avon Fressnapf is an absolute highlight for on the go and impresses with its innovative and practical folding function .

Whether you're traveling or planning your next visit to a restaurant - this dog food bowl is the ideal companion to ensure that your four-legged friend is well looked after at all times.

Lightweight, foldable and also available in a stylish design, you can easily take these dog bowls with you anywhere and serve delicious dog food and fresh water at any time.

Ready to choose the best dog bowl for your dog?

Do you want to offer your furry friend only the best ceramic food bowl ? Then browse our shop now and discover trendy, top-quality dog ​​bowls .

Give your furry friend a complete culinary experience and add a touch of luxury to your home.

Find the perfect ceramic food bowl for your dog now and support animals in need !