Collection: Dog leashes from CAROLINA CORRODI: quality meets design

As a young Swiss company, we always strive to deliver pet-friendly, innovative and highest quality. Here you will find a wide selection of high quality and exclusive leashes for your sweetheart.

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45 products

45 products

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CAROLINA CORRODI dog leashes: high quality in premium design

Our handcrafted dog leashes at CAROLINA CORRODI not only offer a wide variety of stunning designs, premium materials and elegant colour options, but also meet the individual needs of a wide range of dogs and their owners. With our carefully curated selection of dog leashes, you're sure to find the perfect leash to suit your dog and your individual style. Whether you prefer a short leash for walking around town, a long leash for extended adventures or a dedicated leash for training, we've got you covered.

Reliable safety for you and your dog

The core purpose of a dog leash is to keep your dog safe with you. Without ifs and buts. Dog leashes from CAROLINA CORRODI stand for unconditional trust. To ensure the durability of our products, we rely on first-class materials and traditional craftsmanship.

The durable material tires only very slowly. So you and your dog will enjoy your new leash for a long time. Whichever lead you choose: You can be sure that you are buying a high-quality, reliable everyday companion for you and your furry friend.

The perfect dog leash - a pleasure for dog and human

You and your dog out and about together - every day you both enjoy the precious time together. Your walks are a beloved ritual. The right dog leash makes your time together even more enjoyable.

The dog leash is an important accessory that should fit you, your dog and your needs exactly. Enjoy the many wonderful features that come with your new dog leash from CAROLINA CORRODI:

✓ Safety through uncompromising quality. ✓ The texture of the leash fits your dog perfectly. ✓ Adjustable leashes support the respective purpose. ✓ High-quality materials make handling a pleasure. ✓ Modern design pleases the aesthetic eye. ✓ Sustainably manufactured in Europe.

To make your favourite's newlook perfect, you will of course also find the matching dog collars in our shop. If you prefer to use a dog harness, you will also find beautiful models here.

Which leash fits my dog?

Dog leashes are available in different strengths, lengths and with different carabiner sizes. If the leash doesn't fit the size of your dog, problems are inevitable, because if your Chihuahua has to struggle with materials that are too heavy, he will quickly lose interest in going for a walk. Conversely, a delicate Chihuahua lead cannot necessarily keep up with the temperament of a Border Collie. To make it easier for you to choose the right leash, we have provided each product with information on the appropriate dog size. This way you can be sure to choose the right leash for your pet.

We support animal shelters around the world

Not only you and your darling will be happy about your new products from CAROLINA CORRODI. Street dogs and animal shelters all over the world do too. Because it is a matter close to our hearts to support dogs who don't have much luck in life. Who unfortunately don't know what a nice home is. What love feels like. That's why we donate a portion of our proceeds to selected organisations that help street dogs or abandoned animals. Take your time to browse through our wide range of fine and trendy leashes.