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Discover all dog leashes at CAROLINA CORRODI: animal-friendly, durable and robust. Our selection handmade and exclusive Leashes include leather leashes, double leashes, rope leashes & retriever leashes.

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What kind of dog leashes do you need?

This depends on your dog's activities and behavior. A sturdy and comfortable standard leash is sufficient for daily walks. For training or specific activities like hiking or jogging, specialized leashes such as an adjustable leash, running leash, or long training leash can be useful.

What different dog leashes are there?
  • Leather leash:Elegant, robust and durable, offers comfortable handling.
  • Double leash:Allows you to lead two dogs at the same time or can be adjusted in length.
  • Rope line:Flexible, weatherproof and often with reflective elements for better visibility.
  • Retriever leash:Combines leash and collar in one, quick to put on and ideal for training.
How long is the perfect dog leash?

The perfect length of a dog leash varies depending on its intended use. For everyday use, a leash of 1.2 to 2 meters is often ideal. Longer or shorter leashes may be useful for training or special activities.

Which dog leash is best?

The best dog leash depends on your dog's individual needs and your preferences. It should be robust, durable and comfortable to hold. Leash selection may also depend on your dog's activity and behavior.

Dog leash from CAROLINA CORRODI: high quality in a premium design

Ourhandmade dog leashesat CAROLINA CORRODI not only offer a wide variety of breathtaking designs, first-class materials and elegant color variations, but also meet the requirementsindividual requirementsa variety of dogs and their owners.

With our carefully curated selection of dog leashesyou are guaranteed to find the perfect leashthat is optimally tailored to your dog and your individual style. Whether you prefer a short leash for walking around town, a long leash for extended adventures, or a dedicated leash for training, we've got itsuitable solution for you.

Reliable safety for you and your dog

The core task of a dog leash is toKeep your dog safe with you. No ifs and buts. Dog leashes from CAROLINA CORRODI stand for unconditional trust. We focus on the durability of our productsfirst-class materials and traditional craftsmanship.

The durable material only tires very slowly. This means you and your dog can enjoy your new leash for a long time. Whichever leash you choose, you can be sure that you are purchasing a high-quality, reliable everyday companion for you and your furry friend.

The perfect dog leash – a pleasure for dogs and humans

You and your dog travel together – you both enjoy valuable time together every day. Your walks are a beloved ritual. Doing sothe right dog leashmaking things together even more enjoyable.

The dog leash is an important accessory that should fit you, your dog and your needs exactly. Enjoy the many wonderful features that your new dog leash from CAROLINA CORRODI has:

Securitythrough uncompromising quality.

✓ The condition of the leashfits the dog perfectly.

AdjustableLeash support the respectivePurpose.

High-quality materialsmake handling a pleasure.

Modern designpleases the aesthetic eye.

✓ Sustainablemade in Europe.

To make your favorite's new look perfect, you can of course also find the right ones from usDog collars. Alternatively, if you prefer aDog harnessYou can also find beautiful models here.

Which leash suits my dog?

Dog leashes are availabledifferent strengths, lengths and with different carabiner sizes. If the leash does not fit the size of the dog, problems will inevitably arise.

Because if your Chihuahua has to struggle with materials that are too heavy, the poor guy will quickly lose interest in going for a walk. Conversely, a delicate Chihuahua leash cannot necessarily keep up with the temperament of a Border Collie.

To make it easier for you to choose the right leash, we have each product with theInformation about the right dog sizeMistake. So you can be sure to choose the right leash for your sweetheart.

Leather leash for your dog: stylish and practical

Our elegant leather leashes exude a sophisticated flair. Made ofItalian leather, they meet the highest demands. This applies to both the quality and the look and feel. You will be amazed at how wonderfully soft and light a dog leash can feel in your hand. Bring upon requestnoble rhinestonesa little more esprit in your everyday dog ​​life.

Matching the leather leash for your dog: The Popo Bag

Another highlight of our genuine leather leashes is the accompanying one, which can be purchased optionallyPoop bag dispenser. That's right: Even an everyday necessity can come with a good dash of style. The little bags are not just thatextremely practical. They bring one tooenchanting elegancewith it, which fully corresponds to the style of the dog leash. A small carabiner provides flexibility: If you don't need the small bag, you can simply leave it at home.

Care tip:Like all high-quality leather products, CAROLINA CORRODI leather leashes should be greased regularly. This maintains the heavenly soft texture and suppleness of the material.

Why the rope leash is a good choice for you and your dog

Ourrope linesandRetriever leashesare robust, elegant and bring a good dose of elegant casualness. They also score points with their versatility: through theintegrated ringsis this fashionable leash3-way adjustable.

Your advantages are obvious: you can always decide how much freedom your loved one should have in each situation. With aCarabiner clickbecomes from thetwo meter long leasha shorter version or a shoulder leash. If you wear the leash crossbody, you have both hands free and your dog is still safe and very close to you.

Suitable carabiners for every dog ​​size

Of course, the rope lines from CAROLINA CORRODI are tailored to the respective dog size. After all, a small Maltese or Chihuahua doesn't want to be bothered by the weight of heavy carabiners while out on a walk.

That's why you'll find rope lines heredifferent carabiner sizesin three categories: for small dogs up to eight kilograms, for medium-sized dogs up to 16 kilograms and for large dogs with a body weight of up to 25 kilograms.

Retriever leashes: collar and leash in one

Even the popular onesRetriever leashescan be found in our rope rope category. To get straight to the point: Contrary to what the name suggests, retriever leashes are not only suitable for retriever breeds. Rather, the name refers to its origins in hunting, where retrievers are used to retrieve small game and feathered game.

ButWhat is a retriever leashExactly? Retriever leashes – tooMoxo linesorSlip linescalled – are a very special type of dog leash. This is oneCombination of leash and collar. The collar is simply slipped loosely over the dog's head and adjusted with a pull stop so that it can be tightened to a maximum of the tightness of a conventional collar. This ensures that the dog is not choked when the leash is pulled strongly.

The advantage of the retriever leash is the same for both leisure and hunting purposes: if you take off the leash, the dog is in no timefreed from any collaring. He doesn't run the risk of getting caught in bushes or other obstacles with a collar or harness.

Walk your dogs safely and easily with the double leash

Who lives his life with the sametwo cute furry friendsshares, knows the challenge: walks with a combination of one person and two dogs can be strenuous. Because if every hand is covered with a dog leash, there is no way to answer your cell phone or clean up your pet's leftovers.

The practical double leashes made of leather from CAROLINA CORRODI offer the solution. With these models you havea leashin the hand, which is below but intwo pieces of linenforks. The advantages:You always have one hand free. In addition, your dogs cannot cause chaos on the leash, as they often do when running back and forth with two leashes.

Another highlight: If you only want to go for a walk with one dog, you can use the double leashquickly and easily into a single modeltransform.

We support animal shelters around the world

It's not just you and your loved one who are happy about your new products from CAROLINA CORRODI. Street dogs and animal shelters all over the world do it too. Because it is important to us to support dogs who are not very lucky in life. Unfortunately they don't know what a beautiful home is. What love feels like.That's why we donate part of our proceeds to selected organizations that do good things for street dogs or abandoned animals.

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