CAROLINA CORRODI stands for first-class dog fashion with meaning and purpose

CAROLINA CORRODI! This name is not only on the lips of dog owners in Switzerland, but is already dressing four-legged friends around the globe. CAROLINA CORRODI stands for first-class dog fashion with meaning and purpose. Anyone who buys a product from CAROLINA CORRODI is buying exclusive, fashionable and comfortable dog clothing and helping animals in need at the same time.

CAROLINA CORRODI products combine an exceptionally high level of comfort, first-class materials and exclusive designs. "We always strive to deliver valuable fashion - for dogs and owners," says the founder of the Swiss brand Jacqueline Schurter. The CAROLINA CORRODI collection also provides owners with a unique shopping experience with high-end accessories such as dog handbags.

Your little furry friend will look and feel like a queen or king when wearing a beautiful sweater, hoodie, raincoat, harness or collar made from the best materials and fabrics.

We always strive to deliver valuable fashion with a purpose.

Thank you for your passion and support!

Our team:

Baloo Corrodi, 9 years old pomeranian

Baloo Pomeranian with two dog bowls

Our Baloo, the little pomeranian, is the chief tester for dog fashion. He is a bundle of energy who loves to run around in the field, splash in the water and make his way through the forest. CAROLINA CORRODI's products have to stand up to his active lifestyle. After all, he's not just a dog, but a fashion icon on four paws! One of his favorite products are our super soft leather harnesses, as they give him total freedom of movement and don't pull on his front legs. Baloo swears by them!

Maurice, 6 years old french bulldog

French Bulldog Maurice with winter coat for frenchies

Our Maurice, 6-year-old Frenchie, is also responsible for product testing, just like Baloo. He takes care of the guarantee for our fully adjustable dog harnesses and tests the durability of our dog leashes. His favorite activity, however, is evaluating our dog treats. His clear favorite are the beef sausages. You could almost say he is a gourmet among four-legged friends!


Jacqueline Schurter - founder of the dog label

Jacqueline founder with pomeranian Baloo

As a big animal lover, the Zurich native was always on the lookout for beautiful and functional dog products. This motivated her to get creative, design and produce outfits herself - the birth of the CAROLINA CORRODI label in 2018. As the founder of the brand, the same principle applies as when the company was founded. We put the well-being and comfort of the animals first, while at the same time fulfilling a strong sense of fashion. Our dog products impress our customers with their durability thanks to the high-quality materials and adaptability. This means that a new product does not have to be purchased after a short time. As the founder, she is responsible for product development and strategic steps. Once she even found herself in a heated discussion with Baloo and Maurice about the next dog carrier design!


Murielle Bolli - Sales manager and social media expert

Murielle and frenchie Maurice

Our popular and experienced sales manager and social media manager Murielle is always there for our dog moms and dads to help them find the right thing for their four-legged friend.

She also personally ensures that our parcels always arrive on time. And who is her faithful companion on this important mission? Maurice, of course! He always keeps an eye on the treat delivery to make sure that no treats get lost - after all, he wants to make sure that everything that has been ordered really is there!