Buy a dog bandana: functional luxury from CAROLINA CORRODI

With adog bandanayour four-legged friend will feel like the most beautiful thing in the room - and it will be.

It's not just people who care about their looks. Dogs can also enjoy a visit to the groomer, be happy about a new accessory and feel pleasure when they are admired.Dog bandanasensure exactly that, no matter if you go for a walk or for a special occasion. With adog bandanaby CAROLINA CORRODI your four-legged friend will feel like the most beautiful thing in the room - and it will be.

Functional fashion accessory: That's what bandanas can do for dogs

Dogs used to be there to keep watch in the yard and to bark when a stranger approached. Today, practically everything has changed. Our four-legged friends are our best friends and constant companions. They do sports with us, accompany us to the shops and sometimes even to work. Of course, a sense of style is a must!

ADog bandanais a small cloth tied around a dog's neck. Now there arebandanasin numerous versions, so that the right product is available for every four-legged friend. In addition to the obvious beautification, they have a second important function: they protect the dog's neck, which is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, from cold, heat or insects. A particularly striking onebandanacan also make your dog more visible when you walk them at night.

Depending on how it is more comfortable for your four-legged friend, he can bebandanawear it with the triangular face on your chest or on your back. Although carrying it on the chest is the classic, some dogs feel more comfortable with the sling on their back. In both cases we recommend thatDog bandanato match your own clothes. This ensures that you are guaranteed to be an eye-catcher - whether on the street, at the dog school or when shopping in the city.

Neck circumference and security: How to find the right bandana

ADog bandanamustn't pinch anything on the four-legged friend, but he shouldn't be able to put it down by himself either. It is therefore important that you measure your dog's neck circumference accurately and choose a suitable onebandanachoose At CAROLINA CORRODI you will findbandanasin five different sizes. Each of these has an extra flexibility of three to seven centimeters, so you can do thatbandanacan be adjusted to the exact neck circumference of your favorite.

conventionaldog bandanasare triangular cloths that are knotted together by hand with the long side around the dog's neck. With a CAROLINA CORRODI product, you don't have to do this work. OurDog bandanascan be used directly as a collar: Simply put it around your neck, close the click fastener and secure the matching CAROLINA CORRODI leash onbandanaattach. Complete!

There is also a safety thought behind this: with knotted onesbandanasit can happen that the dogs injure themselves or strangle themselves because they got caught on a branch, for example. With abandanawith click closure the risk of such an incident tends to zero.

Buy dog ​​bows and dog bandana at CAROLINA CORRODI

CAROLINA CORRODI is your first point of contact for interesting, varied designsDog bandanasfrom Switzerland. In addition to classic checked patterns in different colors, such as those offered by the Cleveland, Colorado or Manchester bandanas, you will also find special motifs with us. These include, for example, the Detroit model with a camouflage pattern or the Orlando dog bandana with a cute puppy print. All ourDog bandanasare handmade.

Next to oneDog bandanayou can also buy beautiful dog bows from us, which you simply attach to the collar with a snap. For example, opt for a Luxury Gold Edition dog bow tie, which scores with strong, saturated colors such as red and turquoise. Or choose a soft, muted tone from the Silver Edition, such as light blue, beige or pink. The Monaco Luxury model, our handmade silk bow tie for four-legged friends, is something very special. With numerous motifs such as dots, hearts or a Christmas look, it is perfect for any occasion.

Feel free to look around and discover, for example, our collections fordog harnessordog leashes. You're sure to like something!

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