Premium Dog Coats: Why your dog needs a dog coat

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Frequently asked questions about Dog coat

What is the difference between a dog coat, dog raincoat and a dog sweater?

ADog raincoatis water-repellent and offers protection from rain and snow while aDog sweaterprimarily serves to keep your dog warm. Dog coats and raincoats are often better suited for outdoors and adverse weather conditions, while sweaters are ideal for indoors or dry, cold days.

Which dogs need a winter coat?

Dogs with short or thin coats, older dogs, puppies and dogs with certain health conditions, such as arthritis or a weakened immune system, can benefit from a winter coat. It provides extra warmth and protection from the elements.

When is a dog coat useful?

A dog coat is useful in cold, windy or wet weather to keep your dog warm and dry. Dogs with short fur, older dogs or dogs with health problems can particularly benefit from additional protection in the cold season.

What is the best dog coat?

The best dog coat is functional, comfortable and offers your dog sufficient protection from cold, wind and moisture. It should be made of high quality materials, easy to put on and well made. The fit and design should be tailored to your dog’s size and build.

Kommt euer Hundemantel mit Geschirr?

Einige unserer Modelle haben ein integriertes Geschirr. Die anderen Modelle verfügen über eine clevere Öffnung, durch die die Leine mit dem Geschirr verbunden werden kann.

Wie gross muss der Wintermantel für meinen Hund sein?

Schau gern in unsere Grössentabelle, damit du genau den richtigen Mantel für deinen Hund kaufen kannst.

Welches Material ist für Hundemäntel geeignet?

Hundemäntel können aus verschiedenen Materialien hergestellt werden. Am besten eignen sich wasserabweisende und atmungsaktive Stoffe wie Polyester oder Nylon. Innen sollten sie mit warmen Materialien wie synthetische Daune oder Baumwolle gefüttert sein, um deinen Hund warm zu halten.

Wie muss ein Hundemantel sitzen?

Ein Hundemantel sollte gut sitzen, ohne deinen Vierbeiner einzuschränken. Er sollte nicht zu eng sein, um die Bewegungsfreiheit nicht einzuschränken, aber auch nicht zu locker, damit er nicht verrutscht. Der Mantel sollte den Rücken und den Bauch deines Hundes gut bedecken.

Zwergspitz in wasserabweisendem Hundemantel

Does my dog ​​only need the dog coat in winter?

The materials of our dog coats are carefully selected and the designs are stylish and trendy . With a CAROLINA CORRODI dog coat, your dog will be an absolute eye-catcher on every walk.

But it's not just looks that count. A dog coat can also help keep your dog healthier. It can protect your dog from colds or hypothermia. Therefore, the dog winter coat can also be worn in spring, autumn and generally on cooler days.

With a high-quality dog ​​coat from CAROLINA CORRODI, your furry companion gets the comfort and style he deserves!

Kleiner Hund in wasserabweisendem Hundemantel

The perfect winter coat for your dog – never be cold again!

If you are looking for the perfect coat for dogs, you should pay particular attention to quality . A high-quality coat also ensures a comfortable fit . We at CAROLINA CORRODI attach great importance to materials of the highest quality and first-class workmanship. Whether classic-elegant or sporty-functional - at CAROLINA CORRODI you are guaranteed to find the right coat for your four-legged friend.

Dog coats for small & medium breeds

We don't miss out on French bulldogs, Chihuahuas and even dachshunds. Measure the chest circumference and back length and look at our size chart . Our dog clothing is fashionable and washable. Your darling is protected by a thick inner lining. Some of our garments are also windproof.

Zwei Hunde mit Hundemantel auf einer Bank

How should a dog coat fit: steps for putting it on

When it gets cold and uncomfortable outside, you're not the only one who should put on a coat. Our dog coats are the best way to keep your four-legged friend warm and dry. However, the coat must also be put on correctly so that it can fulfill its function.

  1. Measure your dog : Before you buy a dog coat, you need to make sure it fits properly. Measure the circumference of your dog's neck and chest as well as the length of his back.
  2. Put on coat
  3. with zipper : Open the zipper and lay it flat on the floor. This means the dog can stand with both front legs in the holes provided. Pull the coat up and zip it up over the back. Close the click closure for the leash, tighten the strap if necessary for an optimal fit.
  4. with snaps : Place the coat over the dog's back. Get it into position by inserting the front legs through the holes provided. Close press studs on the stomach. (If necessary, put on the dog harness first and pull the tab for the dog leash through the zipper opening provided.)
  5. Check the fit : Make sure the coat fits properly and isn't too tight or too loose. Your dog should be able to move freely and the coat should not chafe or rub.
  6. Praise your dog : Reward your dog with treats and words of praise. This is how you show him that he did well.
Mittelgrosser Hund mit Hundemantel im Schnee

Dog winter coat with dog harness function

Many dog ​​lovers are impressed by our dog coats with integrated harness function and particularly appreciate the effortless handling when putting them on. Our dog coats are characterized by their water repellency and cozy fleece lining, which offers an optimal combination for different weather conditions.

The practical integration of the harness not only makes it easier to put on the coat, but also ensures that the dog is optimally equipped. This model is ideal as a dog coat for cold winter days.

Matching the dog winter coat: leashes, harnesses and collars

Do you care that your dog feels comfortable and is stylishly dressed? Then our dog coats with their stylish design are a must-have. For us, high quality is not just important for coats. Please also take a look at our matching dog leashes , dog harnesses or collars . Enjoy browsing!