Handmade dog collars in an elegant design

Discover all dog collars at CAROLINA CORRODI:animal-friendly, durable and robust. Our selectionhandmade and exclusiveCollars are made from leather. We also offer dog collars with rhinestones for your four-legged friend.

Häufig gestellte Fragen zu Dog collars

Should a dog always wear his collar?

It depends on the situation. It is usually safe for the dog to wear a well-fitting collar as long as it is not too tight and there is no risk of snagging. However, it is advisable to remove the collar when the dog is safely at home or in a fenced area to minimize the risk of injury.

What kind of collar do I need if the dog pulls?

If your dog pulls, an anti-pull collar or a special training collar may be helpful. These are designed to gently correct the dog and make the pulling uncomfortable without harming him. It's also important to learn training techniques to minimize pulling.

Alternatively, it makes sense to use oneDog harnessto avoid.

What is the best dog collar?

The best dog collar is comfortable, safe, and well-made. It should be made of high-quality, durable materials and provide a good fit for your dog. Additional features such as reflective strips or custom sizing can be useful depending on your needs.

The best collar for your dog

Our handmade dog collars at CAROLINA CORRODI not only offer stylish designs and first-class workmanship, but also a high level of safety. We attach great importance to the selection of materials to ensure both comfort and safety for your dog.

Each collar is crafted with attention to detail to ensure the highest quality, durability and comfort. You can rely on our collars to provide your dog with a safe and comfortable wearing experience. Trust in the quality and aesthetic appearance of our handmade dog collars and enjoy stylish dog walks with your loyal companion, knowing that they both look good and are safe.

Premium quality handmade dog collars

At CAROLINA CORRODI we stand for collars that bring joy to both the dog and the dog owner. Our collars are not only a fashion accessory, but also a sign of quality and craftsmanship.

Discover our diverse selection of handmade dog collars. Our designs are a real eye-catcher and give your dog a touch of elegance and style. This means we ensure stylish dog walks where you and your dog are equally the focus.

We offer a wide range of dog collars to suit every taste. From collars with precious rhinestones to simple and elegant designs, there is something for everyone.

Luxury dog ​​collar: rhinestones for the perfect look

Our dog collars made of Italian leather with rhinestones are impressivegolden stainless steel accessoriesand glittering rhinestones. The leather is very soft and doesn't cut into anything. Every detail is includedextreme caredesigned for your four-legged friend so that the collar has oneluxurioussimultaneouslycomfortableleaves an impression.

When purchasing a rhinestone dog collar, there are several crucial factors to consider to ensure that the collar you choose not only looks good, but is also optimal for the dogSecurityand theComfortyour fur nose cares.

OurDog collars with rhinestones sit securely on your dog's neckand offer at the same timesufficient freedom of movement. Discover a range of exclusive dog accessories and focus on luxury and quality with a dog collar from CAROLINA CORRODI.

Handmade: leather dog collar

Dog collars are made of leathermore than just an accessory. They are a statement for quality, design and comfort. With a leather collar you show that you value the well-being and elegance of your dog.

Leather dog collars for small to medium sized dogs

A handmade leather dog collar is unique.Each piece is crafted with care and attention to detail. Only high-quality leather is used, which not only looks good but also looks gooddurable and robustis. Handmade leather dog collars are therefore the perfect combination of quality and design.

Matching combination: collars, leashes and poop bag dispensers with lots of style

Now discover the right onesLinenandPoop bag dispenserfor all our dog collars. At CAROLINA CORRODI we offer a wide selection of high-quality leashes that fit our collars perfectly. From short leashes for tight spaces to long leashes for long walks, we have the right solution for you and your dog. Our lines are characterized by first-class materials, well-thought-out functionality and attractive design.

We also offer practical poop bag dispensers so that you always have everything you need to hand during your walks. Our waste bag dispensers are robust, easy to attach and enable clean and hygienic disposal of dog waste bags.

Discover our selection of leashes and poop bag dispensers now and complete the perfect set for stylish and comfortable dog walks with your loyal companion.

Please also take a look at our popular onesDog harnessesandDog coatsat!


Our goal at CAROLINA CORRODI is to offer dog owners first-class and sensible fashion for your four-legged friends. By purchasing our products, you not only receive exclusive, fashionable and comfortable dog clothing, but you also support animals in need. We believe that business and charity can go hand in hand.

For this reason, we are committed to not only delighting dog owners with our trendy products, but also giving something back. Every purchase from CAROLINA CORRODI helps animals in need and gives them a better future.

Thanks to your support, together we can make a positive contribution and achieve something good. Enjoy the premium quality and style of our dog fashion while being part of a worthwhile mission. We thank you for choosing CAROLINA CORRODI and making a difference together with us.