Dog bags for on the go

Discover the diverse designs of CAROLINA CORRODI dog bags:Safety and protectionfor your four-legged friend – aesthetic & modern.


There are times when your little darling should or wants to be in acomfortable dog bagTake a seat. The paws are tired, there is too much going on or you have to hurry – there are many reasons for using the bag taxi. Here you can find our beautiful bag models –specially designed for little darlingslike Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Dachshund and puppiesup to 8 kg.

Safety is of course the top priority when it comes to transporting your dog. Our CAROLINA CORRODI dog carriers haverobust zippers and safety beltsto ensure that your dog remains safe and protected. Our CAROLINA CORRODI dog bags are not onlyfunctional, but alsoestheticappealing. With its modern and trendy design, you can take your dog with you in style and complement your outfit at the same time.

Why do I need a dog bag in summer?

In summer, there are several reasons why a dog bag is apractical and important purchaseOn the one hand, it can happen that small/older four-legged friends get tired on longer walks or trips, or even puppies that should not walk too long. In such cases, the dog bag offers acomfortable optionto carry your dog and give him a break.

On the other hand, theAsphalt can get extremely hot in summer, which can burn the sensitive paws of our darlings. The dog bag allows you to keep your dog away from the heat of the floor andsafe and convenient to transportThis will prevent him from having to walk on the hot asphalt and injuring his paws.

Nantes/Cannes Bag 2 in 1 Dogs up to 8 kg

Our2 in 1 dog bag/dog bed. Ideal for public transport, restaurant visits or for work. The bag can be easily enlarged and quickly becomes aBed for on the go. The bag is very light and consists ofwaterproofOuter material, synthetic leather straps andtwo outside pocketsfor snacks, toys or similar. Inside the bag is acuddly faux furand oneSafety lineThe wonderful bag is available in two sizes and itcan be washed at 30° gentle cycle. Check out ourDog bag CannesorDog bag Nantesat.

Leather bags for small dogs up to 7.5 kg

Our CAROLINA CORRODI Ferrari among the dog bags are ourLeather bags. The leather case hasremovable inner liningDepending on the season, you can use the cuddly faux fur or the thin cotton lining. Both can be machine washed if necessary.washed at 30°. The bag itself hasthree inside pocketsfor wallet and snacks and a leash for your dog's safety. The bag can be carried as a handbag or over the shoulder; a leather strap for hanging over the shoulder is included.

For example, take a look at ourLeather dog bag Miamiat.

Dog bags Tokyo/Shanghai for small dogs up to 5 kg

The ultra-light summer dog bag weighs just under 900 g and can be carried as a handbag or with a leather shoulder strap. Further advantages: This carrying bag is made ofwater-repellent materialand has two inside and two outside pockets. A softpadded cushionand aSafety lineare also there.

Check out ourDog bag TokyoorDog bag Shanghaiat.

Fabric bags for small dogs such as Chihuahuas, dachshunds or puppies up to 2.4 kg and 5 kg

The designer bag for your next city stroll. The dog transport bag is made ofwaterproof and dirt-repellent material. Bottom, handles, shoulder straps, pockets and inserts are made ofreal leatherThe soft inner bottom can be removed for washing. The elegant leather strap allows you to carry the bag across the body. The two outside pockets and one inside pocket offer space for your wallet or dog snacks. For safety, there is aSafety line with snap hookinside the bag.

Check out our modelDog bag Chartresat.

Travel bag for small dogs up to 5.5 kg – the dog bag for the plane

Fly to your next destination in style. OurFully lockable dog travel bagoffers space for small dogs such as Chihuahuas, dachshunds and puppies up to 5.5 kg. The bag has two large outside pockets. The inside of the dog bag is lined with aremovable cushionspadded and has two safety lines.

Check out ourDog bag for the planeat.

Dog backpack for dogs up to 5.5 kg

A big advantage of aDog backpackcompared to the dog bag: You have your hands free. Whether you want to explore a forest path or do some shopping, your dog issafely on your backand you can concentrate on your activities.

With our CAROLINA CORRODIDog backpackcan youExperience new adventures together with your dogWhether hiking, camping, or just exploring new places, your dog can discover the world around him.

Our dog backpack isergonomicdesigned and offers your dog asafe and comfortable place to sit or lie down. Our CAROLINA CORRODI dog backpack is made of durable material that can withstand daily wear and tear. It also hasadjustable straps and safety bucklesto ensure your dog is firmly and securely fastened.

Invest in ahigh-quality dog ​​bag and enjoy the benefits of a comfortable and stylish transport solutionfor your little dog.