Exclusive dog beds – Find the best place to sleep for your furry friend

Only the best for your four-legged friend! Our dog beds are carefully made by hand, are easy to wash and are characterized by a dedication to detail. A designer piece for your home.

Frequently asked questions about Dog bed

Welche Hundebett-Grösse ist die richtige?

Die ideale Grösse des Hundebetts hängt von der Rasse und Grösse Deines Hundes ab. Wir bieten verschiedene Grössen ab 50 cm, um sicherzustellen, dass jeder Hund den Platz bekommt, den er benötigt. 

Wie oft sollte ein Hundebett gewaschen werden?

Die regelmässige Reinigung Deines Hundebettchens wird empfohlen. All unsere Hundebetten sind waschbar und abwaschbar, um maximale Hygiene zu garantieren.

Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Hundebetten und Hundekissen?

Hundekissen sind flach und bieten eine weiche Liegefläche. Hundebetten besitzen erhöhte Ränder, sorgen für verbesserten Schlafkomfort und schaffen Geborgenheit. Bei uns ist das Hundekissen häufig als Zubehör im Hundebett integriert.

Braucht mein Hund Zubehör für sein Bett?

Zubehör wie Hundekissen und Hundedecken können den Komfort und Wohlfühlfaktor erhöhen. Sieh Dir unsere Auswahl im Shop an, um das perfekte Set für Dein Hundebett zu finden.

Ist meine Hundedecke waschbar und wie oft sollten Hundedecken gewaschen werden?

Hundedecken sollten alle paar Wochen gewaschen werden, abhängig von der Verschmutzung und der Aktivität Deines Hundes. 

Welches Waschmittel ist für Hundedecken geeignet?

Das richtige Waschmittel für Hundedecken hängt von verschiedenen Faktoren ab, einschliesslich des Materialtyps und eventueller Allergien des Hundes. Es empfiehlt sich ein mildes, hypoallergenes Waschmittel ohne starke Duftstoffe und Chemikalien zu verwenden. Unsere Decken für Hunde kannst Du übrigens bei 30 Grad waschen. 

Wie bekomme ich den Geruch aus Hundedecken?

Um unangenehme Gerüche aus Hundedecken zu entfernen, solltest Du geruchsbeseitigendes Waschmittel oder Natron verwenden und die Decke gründlich trocknen. Regelmässiges Lüften an der frischen Luft kann ebenfalls helfen, Gerüche zu vertreiben. 

Wie viele Hundedecken benötige ich für mein Haus?

Die Anzahl der benötigten Hundedecken hängt von der Anzahl der Hunde und den verschiedenen Bereichen im Haus ab, in denen sie sich aufhalten. Es sollte mindestens eine Decke für den Schlafbereich und eine Hundedecke für den Wohnbereich geben.

Luxurious dog beds – designer pieces for small & medium-sized dogs

Dog bed with poodle

A dog bed is an indispensable part of the basic equipment for every dog ​​owner.

At CAROLINA CORRODI we always work with high-quality materials to ensure the safety of your four-legged companion on the one hand and the longevity of our products on the other.

We make no exceptions with our dog beds and only use high-quality materials. All of our dog beds are washable.

A luxury dog ​​bed from CAROLINA CORRODI is much more than just a place for your beloved four-legged friend to sleep. It is a real designer piece that meets the highest standards of quality , comfort and style . Every detail is carefully selected and hand-crafted in Italy to create a product that not only meets the needs of your pet, but is also an aesthetic asset to your home. From exquisite materials to sophisticated design - a luxury dog ​​bed from CAROLINA CORRODI is a symbol of elegance and sophistication.

Create an eye-catcher in your living room with a cute dog bed for little bundles of energy or a dog bed for medium-sized dogs .

Which dog bed is the best? Dog bed fluffy and soft for extra comfort

When choosing the right dog bed, size is one of the most important factors to ensure the well-being of your four-legged friend. At CAROLINA CORRODI we offer a variety of designs to meet your dog's individual needs and preferences:

Round Dog Bed (also known as Donut ): The unique nest-like design creates a feeling of security and comfort for the dog, similar to puppies snuggling up to their mother's warm fur. This design is available in two colors: Discover now: Geneva and Lausanne

Oval dog bed : Perfect for small and medium-sized dogs who like to sleep stretched out or curl up. The sturdy and solid edge of the dog bed offers your four-legged friend the opportunity to rest his head comfortably. Our check pattern lovers will love the luxury Nice dog bed .

Super soft rectangular dog bed: Specially designed for our smallest four-legged friends, this bed offers maximum comfort and security.

Dog mattress: Our dog mattress offers a flat yet comfortable sleeping option for dogs of all ages and sizes.

Dog bag - dog bed 2 in 1: Who hasn't experienced that dogs sometimes don't like sitting in their dog bag, especially when they're not used to it yet? Nevertheless, we want to offer them a familiar place to retreat to in certain situations , such as when visiting a restaurant or when traveling. Our dog bag solves this problem because it also functions as a dog bed. This means that it can also be used as a dog bed at home during the adjustment phase and automatically becomes their usual place of retreat. Many customers report that dogs often prefer to sit in this bag rather than in their actual dog bed. This dog bag/dog bed is also often used for puppies, old or sick dogs. This wonderful dog bag/dog bed is available in two colors; elegant Cannes gray and classic Nantes black.

Our fluffy dog ​​beds are the epitome of comfort, because the most important thing is that your dog is comfortable and feels safe in his home. All of our dog beds ensure a sleep like on clouds and are ideal as a dog bed for small and medium-sized dogs such as Pomeranians.

You will see that your four-legged friend will also love the accessories with dog cushions and the extra soft cotton of the dog bed. Our dog beds are made of artificial leather, polyester and super soft plush. We want to offer your furry friend the most relaxed place to sleep.

Dog bed by CAROLINA CORRODI ensures premium sleep quality

Do you also wish that your furry friend would sleep gently and peacefully in his dog bed ? Our washable dog beds are specially designed to offer the highest level of comfort and incomparable premium sleep quality .

All of our dog beds are washable, such as the luxury Nice dog bed and the Brittany dog ​​bed . You and your dog deserve a restful night. Our dog beds will fully meet your needs.

Dog bed practical & stylish – Cute dog bag as a place to sleep on the go

Finding a small and stylish dog bed for on the go can be challenging. To ensure that your furry friend doesn't miss anything, you'll find exclusive and practical dog bags in our shop that you can comfortably use as a small dog bed .

With this portable dog bed you are perfectly equipped for spontaneous trips and short journeys. Your little puppy will make himself comfortable in the designer dog bag and experience unforgettable moments with you.

Dog blanket for the sofa & on the go – fluffy comfort blanket for every occasion

No matter whether you are travelling with your dogs and need a blanket for your dog bag or your furry friend prefers to sleep at home in a cuddly dog ​​bed. With our blanket for your dog you are prepared for every eventuality and can always provide your darling with a cosy and familiar atmosphere .

The Paros dog blanket in black blends seamlessly into the current environment and therefore always matches your dog's outfit, your dog bag or your interior !

Chihauha lying on the dog blanket

Dog hair on the sofa? Not with a dog blanket from CAROLINA CORRODI

You probably know the problem all too well – dog hair on the sofa, in the living room, just everywhere. Not only does it look unsightly, it can also be annoying and drive you to despair in the long run.

With a dog blanket, washable , soft and elegant, you can protect your sofa and dining set from annoying hair and offer your companion additional comfort. You can sit back and relax, receive guests and feel comfortable together with your furry friend .

Designer dog beds by CAROLINA CORRODI – luxury sleeping space with a feel-good factor

Give your darling a luxurious place to sleep that he deserves. Discover our exclusive collection of dog beds and choose the perfect bed for your dog .

Don't think any longer about which dog bed to buy - your furry friend will thank you when he can spend peaceful nights in his comfortable and stylish dog bed .

Browse the shop now and find a tasteful dog bed !