Dog coats & dog harnesses for Pomeranians

Discover the perfect combinationStyle and functionalitywith the exquisiteDog harnesses for your Pomeranianby CAROLINA CORRODI. Make a fashion statement and impress your Pomeranian with our comfortable dog more >

Dog Harness Orlando

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High-quality Pomeranian harness or collar for your darling

Small and full of energy - practically a living bundle of fur on four paws: the Pomeranian is very popular as a sociable companion in family circles. So that theself-confident and clever beingsTo feel really comfortable, it is important that you equip your furry friend with the right equipment. Ahigh-quality Pomeranian harness or collaroffers the ideal solution for this.

The carefully selected, first-class materials score points for sustainability and innovation and are particularly comfortable. See how your four-legged friend feels in oursPomeranian harnesscomfortable because the dog harness completely avoids pressure points behind the front legs.

Pomeranian harness – precisely fitting and ergonomically shaped

The usage ofKleinspitz harnessoffers an excellent opportunity to take walks with these lively dogsmore comfortable and controlledto design. Since Pomeranians are prone to neck injuries due to their small size and delicate bone structures, the choice ofproper dog harnesscrucially important.

Awell adaptedDog harnesses can do more than just thatStrain on the neckof the dogminimize, but also help reduce unwanted pulling on the leash. So pay attentionsoft materialsand agood fit,to maximize comfort.

APomeranian harness made of leatheris particularly suitable for this. The ergonomic design and balanced pull points prevent annoying pulling. In addition, our Pomeranian harness or collar is decorated with pretty rhinestones, so your four-legged friend is guaranteed to attract everyone's attention.

Our step-in leather harnesses are ergonomically designed and thanksbalanced pulling pointsThey prevent pressure on the larynx and the forelegs. This gives your dwarf freedom of movement, allowing him to follow everyday tracks in a natural way.

Pomeranian harness for all growth phases of your furry friend

OurDog harness for Pomeraniansis3-way adjustableand ergonomically shaped. This means you can simply put Pomeranian clothing, such as a dog sweater, on your pet on cold days and prevent your four-legged friend from freezing.

Your little, fox-like friend has a thick fur collar, which is why the adjustable version of our dog harness is particularly advantageous. The Spitz harness is also ideal for puppies in thegrowth phasesuitable and also theAdjustment phaseis particularly easy with our Pomeranian harness.

CAROLINA CORRODI relies on animal welfare, quality leather and production in Italy

The dog harnesses for your Pomeranian are out100% Quality leather from Italian productionmanufactured and are indifferent coloursand optionally withsparkling rhinestonesavailable. With every purchase you also support an animal in need that urgently needs your help. Set an example for the goodwill of yours and other four-legged friends and secure an exclusive Pomeranian dog harness.

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