How to Pamper your Best Friend

How to Pamper your Best Friend

Jacqueline Schurter

Our furry besties are always there for us no matter what and it is only fair to pampered them once in a while to let them know how much we care too. After all you mean the world to your pup.

Here are 5 ways you can pamper your besties and show how much you appreciate them:

  1. Plan a Fun Day Out

Dogs can get bored at home. Why not plan a fun day out?
You can go to the beach, go on hikes, go for a swim, go to a new park or explore around a nice pet-friendly neighborhood near the city. This can help your dog relax from the daily routines that he is used to. Buy something nice like a new Harness so that he feels excited of this new day out.
  1. Home Relaxing Massage

After a long walk in the afternoon, when your dog is tired and ready to cuddle, set up the mood. Turn on the diffuser with a relaxing essential oil smell or light on a candle. Arrange some fluffy pillows or in his own cozy bed and start giving him a de-stressing massage by petting in long and soothing moves. Try to massage its shoulders and focus on the areas that you feel are more tense, your bestie will move around and guide you. After this 15-minute massage your dog will feel calmed, refreshed and definitely pampered by you.
  1. Get a New Cozy Dog Carrier.

Sometimes being on the go can be uncomfortable for your dog, but why not make it easier and improve their experience when accompanying you with this fluffy car seat or warm dog carrier.
  1. Who said puppucinno?

Did you know that every Starbucks offers this “secret menu item”? So, why not taking him with their favorite playdate for a delicious puppucinno to stay in and play for a little while. If you can´t find a Starbucks nearby ask in your local cafeteria and see if they can make something special.

  1. Did I just hear shopping time!?

We all need something new to start this season. If you really want to pamper your bestie, get your pup a gorgeous new harness, sweater, collar or maybe a bandana to boost their style and confidence. Check out our variety of products where you can choose from.