Pet Parent Geschenk Guide

Pet Parent Gift Guide

Jacqueline Schurter

Everyone needs this gadget and dog accessories for their four-legged friend

We at CAROLINA CORRODI have all been on the dog for years: As dog mums and dads, we know from our own experience what you need when you share your life with a four-legged friend. We have now created the ultimate guide for anyone who is in the process of adopting a furry friend or for friends of pet parents who would like to give them presents. Some things like leashes, harness or ID tags are almost taken for granted - but not everyone thinks of cribs, butt bags or drinking bottles. But we don't want to anticipate too much. Enjoy the ultimate shopping list for dog owners.


Dog harness

A dog usually needs (depending on the breed) three times a day exercise. So that four-legged friends and master or mistress can experience a nice and safe walk, the fur nose needs a well-fitting harness and leash. You can read about everything you should consider when buying harnesses in our guide here .

At CAROLINA CORRODI we offer a large selection of soft harnesses, leather sets and glamorous variants with crystal applications. Our GAIA is particularly sustainable, because these models are not only adjustable and therefore grow with your dog, they are also made from 100% recycled material.

Dog harness Christchurch golden
Of course, neither the harness nor the leash are of much use if the dog is not on a leash. Because only with a leash can you as a dog parent be sure that you can lead your animal safely through streets or nature. And don't forget - in many places it is compulsory to keep a leash and non-compliance may result in fines!

Glad we can fix that. Because whether leather , fabric or rope leashes , whether for small, medium-sized or large dogs: With the colorful leashes, CAROLINA CORRODI makes the next walk a highlight - for the four-legged friends and their masters / mistresses. Those who prefer it simple can buy it in neutral colors such as black or beige. The leashes are available in all variations from 3-way adjustable to double leashes - also in a chic leather look.

Poop Bag Dispensers

Dog owners can probably sing a song about it: removing the big deal from their four-legged darlings is not necessarily fun. The chic poo bags , which can be easily attached to the leashes, don't change that, but definitely add style to the whole thing.

Poop bag dispenser Gold Edition with Swarovski light blue


Dog beds

As a real pet parent, the four-legged friend is of course not allowed to sleep on the floor. The kid needs a bed! To the domestic debate about dog in bed, yes or no? To put an end to it, you can simply give away a nice dog bed. They look pretty, are of high quality and offer enough cuddling space for the furry friend.

Dachshund in a dog bed with a blanket

Dog coats & dog jackets

Where is it written that stylish outfits are only for people? With the cool (rain) coats, dresses and pullovers, even the furry friends become fashion icons. Whether to keep warm when it's wet and cold outside, or simply to be an eye-catcher in the park - every pet parent is guaranteed to be happy about the dog clothes . Take a look at this article on dog clothing if you are unsure whether your four-legged friend needs a jacket.Dog sitting with dog sweater on