Kleine und große Geschenke für den Hund (und Pet Parents)

Small and Large Gifts for Dogs (and Pet Parents)

Jacqueline Schurter

Part 2 of the Pet Parent Gift Guide by CAROLINA CORRODI

In our first part of our gift guide series, we introduced the basics such as dog leashes, dog harnesses, poo bags (as stylish bags for poop bags) and dog coats. Did you miss part 1? No problem - here you will find the first part of the guide.

If you are giving a present to a Pet Parent 2.0, i.e. a dog mommy or dog dad who already has most of the gadgets and accessories in stock, then you will find more great gift ideas for four-legged friends in our second part. Pomeranian, French Bulldog, dachshund or mongrel - unlike with harnesses, the breed hardly plays a role with these gifts (except for point 3!). Enjoy browsing!

    dog toy

      We love dogs and dogs love…. play! Four-legged friends want and need to be kept busy and not only need exercise, but also daily play time. Because the fun of playing strengthens, among other things, the motor skills of our four-legged friends and gives us humans an opportunity to bond with the furry friends, i.e. to deepen our relationship in a playful way. Gimmicks can also be put to good use as a puppy training unit.
      Anyone can make balls - for those who would like to give something extravagant and stylish as a gift, we offer everything from pizza, burgers or milk shakes to “designer” accessories, Santa Clauses and candy canes. In the form of cuddly chew toys, of course!

      Christmas dog toy penguin

        Feeding bowl for dogs

          Who does not know the saying “Love goes through the stomach”? And a tasty and healthy dog ​​food should of course be eaten in proper style from a pretty bowl with real pet parents. Blue, pink, cream or black, whether eye-catching with a crown, bow or noble with a gold rim - when it comes to "harness" at CAROLINA CORRODI, dogs don't have to take a back seat. Pet Parent on the Go? No problem, because we also offer food and water bowls for on the go. Here is the selection.

          Bowl Clyde

          dog bags

          Shoo, shoo into the bag! Do dogs and their owners travel a lot or even go to the office together? Then maybe a dog handbag is just the right gift. At CAROLINA CORRODI we offer dog bags for four-legged friends up to 7.5kg.

          Just like with a handbag for women or men, the taste of the recipient is of course important.

          Here you will find noble Different versions made of leather with removable soft bottom and high-quality lining, which can be warming or cooling depending on the season .

          Dog leather bag Miami

          Those who prefer a more casual style will love the canvas and leather version, inspired by a tote bag .

          If you want to go on a longer trip instead of a stroll through the city, then the compact airplane bag for dogs is recommended .

          The versions in neoprene or fabric are particularly light and comfortable. With these, the lining can also be exchanged, so that the dog feels comfortable in the bag both in summer and in winter.

          Dog bag bed Cannes

          Bandanas for dogs

          A playful bandana is a suitable gift for the fashionistas among pet parents. The bandanas for dogs can be easily attached with a click fastener and can even be worn as a casual collar with a leash. Checkered, spotted or with a Mexican skull print: If you want, you can even match the bandanas to your own outfit - either way, the bandanas are a pretty present for pet parents who enjoy fashion and like to spoil their four-legged friends.

          dog bandana

          dog blankets

          Looking for a gift for the interior lover? Does the gifted pet parent read Elle Decor, AD and enthusiastically create Pinterest boards of design inspiration? Then we recommend a beautiful accessory that fits the interior AND dogs love: the noble, fluffy dog ​​blankets are not only incredibly comfortable and cuddly, but also look elegant and stylish as a throw on armchairs, sofas or beds. Faux fur paired with satin and all Made in Italy - it couldn't be more luxurious.

          dog blanket

          We hope that we were able to help you with our gift guide. Haven't found what you're looking for yet? Just browse our website or get in touch with us - we also have dog biscuits and other great gift ideas in stock and will be happy to advise you.