Nina Asseily im Libanon – ein Verein für Tierschutz

Nina Asseily

Jacqueline Schurter

Nina Asseily , a small Swiss association that, together with a partner organization, looks after over 1200 animals near Beirut in Lebanon. They work on a voluntary basis and the association is recognized as a non-profit organization by the canton of Schwyz.

Nina Asseily, employees and several dogs at the animal shelter in Lebanon

Around 900 dogs are now being looked after in Lebanon and the animal shelter is completely overcrowded. Due to the poor situation in Lebanon, adoptions are almost non-existent and they can only respond to very few of the approximately 100 emergency calls per day because there is a lack of resources and space to take in more dogs.

Animal shelter in Lebanon

Lebanon has been in a socio-economic crisis for 3 years and the explosion in Beirut's port in August 2020 destroyed large parts of the city. The poor situation in the country has led to many Lebanese leaving the country and leaving their animals behind, or also to the fact that they can no longer afford or want to afford their animals and abandon them. The war in Ukraine further worsens the already difficult situation, as many donors have turned away from Lebanon. But also because Lebanon gets over half of its grain from Russia and Ukraine and can now hardly store any grain due to the explosion in the port, which destroyed the country's largest grain silo.

CAROLINA CORRODI supports Nina Asseily

Since they work on a voluntary basis, 100% of the donations can be used to care for the animals. They buy food for the animals, pay vet bills, get medication and take care of the upkeep of the animal shelter. They also support the placement of dogs through partner organizations abroad. They regularly give an insight into their work, mainly on Instagram @nina_asseily .

We have been generously supporting Nina Asseily with donations in kind and money for years and have four sponsored dogs.

Three dogs in the animal shelter in Lebanon, looking in the car window.