Hund unter dem Weihnachtsbaum

Dog under the Christmas tree

Jacqueline Schurter

A life with a dog is an enrichment - but the purchase of a pet should be carefully considered.

Christmas is just around the corner and what would sweeten the celebration more than a little puppy under the Christmas tree? After all, who doesn't remember the beginning of the famous Disney film Susie and the Tramp , when all of a sudden the present under the Christmas tree started barking? How happy we were about the puppy as a gift and how cute little Susie played with her gift ribbon! However, before you go out and buy a Pomeranian for family or friends, it's also worth remembering the images of orphaned dogs at gas stations and highways.

It is not without reason that more and more animal shelters are closing their doors at Christmas time. Unfortunately, in the past, dogs, cats or birds were all too often adopted, given away at Christmas and then put back on again. Going for a walk three times a day, cleaning the litter box or singing birds at night – the well-intentioned “gift” involved too much work for the recipient and was promptly thrown out the door. Sadly, as sad and shocking as that may sound, this scenario is often the cruel reality for dogs under the Christmas tree.

French bulldog puppy

We at CAROLINA CORRODI have been committed to animal welfare in Switzerland or in countries like Mexico for years and support animal shelters in their important work. One of our most important concerns for us as animal lovers is the change in behavior from person to animal: We humans have to treat and regard four-legged friends of all kinds as sentient beings and not as objects. A living being stays with the recipient for a lifetime, gives joy and company, but also involves work. Sure, a living creature must be taken care of. Therefore, we ask that you do not give away dogs, cats or other pets at Christmas or on other occasions, unless the person receiving the gift has expressly requested this and is aware of the "consequences". Better still: go to an animal shelter with the person and let them enlighten you. Many animal shelters put their pets in care for a probationary period and after a few days or weeks pay a check-up visit to make sure the animal is okay and that there is nothing wrong with it.

Should you decide to purchase a fluffy Pomeranian, Poodle or Pug then please do so from a registered breeder. You can find more information about “Responsible Dog Buying” here .

Important: Be absolutely sure not to buy a dog from the Internet. Bitches and puppies are reared in cases of inappropriate behavior and puppies are often taken away from their mothers when they are too young. Lifelong trauma and chronic disease can be the result.

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