Hundegeschirr Guide

Dog Harness Guide

Jacqueline Schurter

GUIDE: Which dog harness fits best?

Harnesses for every type of dog and occasion

More than just fashion: Harnesses can make everyday life easier for dogs and owners (or rather dog parents): when hiking in the country or in the mountains, walking in the park, having lunch in the city - a well-fitting harness with a perfectly fitting The leash gives master and mistress the confidence that the beloved four-legged friend is securely secured and can walk with you.

Harnesses are available in different designs and for different purposes and occasions. Here is the ultimate guide for CAROLINA CORRODI's dog harnesses .

What size harness?

Advantages of dog harnesses over collars

Collar or harness, that is the question. For the undecided pet parent, let's start from the beginning: When is the harness better than a collar ?

In general, dog harnesses offer owners more control over their dogs than collars. While they can't always stop a dog from pulling, they can make it easier to restrain him. (Harnesses that attach to the front of the leash prevent pulling better than those that attach only to the back).

For dogs that pull, the harnesses distribute the forces over a larger part of the body. This protects the dog's throat and windpipe. This is especially true for very small dogs, who are more likely to injure themselves if they pull too hard on the leash.

Also, a harness is far less likely to come off than a collar (if it's the right size, which we'll get to in a moment).

Before buying a dog harness, you should consider the following points:

  • Fit :
  • Different models have different fits. It is best to measure the abdominal and chest circumference of your four-legged friend to determine the right size. Getting the right size is important - two fingers should easily fit between the harness and the dog's body. Harnesses that are too tight can be painful, but dogs can wriggle out of a harness that is too loose. The dog should not be restricted in its movement. So you have to make sure that especially the shoulder (shoulder blade and joint) and the elbow are not hindered by straps or buckles.

  • Safety and Durability:
  • Does it hold up even with intensive use? Can the fit be adjusted? It's important that the harness you choose has multiple adjustments, as all dogs are built differently. At the very least, you should be able to adjust the harness around your neck and chest.

  • Design:
  • Maybe your dog doesn't care what they look like and functionality should be the priority when choosing a harness. But that doesn't mean you can't look for something that looks good on you!


  • Reason:
  • Are you looking for a harness for everyday use or would you like to give your darling a harness for a special occasion? When choosing a harness, think carefully about when and where your four-legged friend will wear it. Depending on this, you can decide whether functionality or style is more important to you.


    The all-rounder

    The infinitely adjustable harnesses are ideal for all medium-sized breeds such as Shiba-Inus, Pugs or French Bulldogs. Our Prague model is a perfect all-rounder, is highly resilient and easy to clean by hand.

    Texas dog harness infinitely adjustable

    Comfort and glamour

    With the specially developed, ergonomic dog harnesses made of leather with crystals, pet parents don't have to choose between style and comfort: the soft leather is very skin-friendly and the crystals are an eye-catcher at the dog park. As it is three-way adjustable, the harness is the perfect solution for your dog's growth phase.

    Dog harness leather with Swarovski Osaka pink

    Statement pieces

    Our soft harnesses in designs such as Cambridge , Soft Rochelle or Lerwick are not just something for fashion-conscious dog parents: the cute soft harnesses offer your darling fashion moments, but are cuddly and ensure a high level of comfort. Funny and exciting designs offer variety in the dog's wardrobe for the morning choice.

    Dog Harness soft Step-In Stirling

    Bonus: Sustainable and climate-neutral tableware

    The GAIA collection of soft harnesses is the sustainable new product for Frenchies, Shiba Inus, Viszlas and other medium-sized breeds. Because the stylish accessory consists of 100% raw materials, such as PET bottles, which are given a second life. Carefully selected and processed, nylon, acetal and polyprophyne ensure extremely good wearing comfort and maximum safety. Upcycling has never looked so good!

    Dog harness recycled Barbados black