Ratgeber: Wie du deinen Hund vor Asphalt im Sommer schützt

Guide: How to protect your dog from asphalt in summer

Murielle Bolli

Summer is here and while we look forward to sunny days and warm temperatures, we have to keep in mind that the asphalt can be dangerous for our beloved dogs . - Risk of burns!

In this blog I would like to give you some tips on how to protect our beloved dogs from the danger of hot asphalt .

How to protect dog paws from hot asphalt in summer

To protect your darling and make sure he or she doesn't burn their paws, you can pay attention to the following things:

The right time to go for a walk

Try to schedule dog walks for cooler times of the day , like early morning or evening. The asphalt is less hot there and there is less chance of burning your paws.

Test the asphalt temperature for your dog

Quite simply, with the 7-second rule :

  1. Place the back of your hand on the asphalt for 7 seconds
  2. Is it uncomfortable for you, it burns?
  3. Then you should definitely not walk this route with your dog!
  4. Find a shady route or avoid grass / earthy ground. If possible, you can also carry your dog. (Our dog bags are ideal for this.)

Dog bags for asphalt that is too hot

Not only does your dog already have its retreat with it, but also in the hot city or on the way to the lake, a dog bag can protect your loved one from burns on their paws .

The right paw care in summer

The velvety paws can be cracked and irritated from the heat and bathing. Therefore you should check and care for the paws regularly . For this I recommend our organic coconut oil , it can be massaged into the paws before the walk.

Find alternatives to hot asphalt

If the asphalt is too hot to walk, you can use your darling in other ways. Your dog likes a hidden object game, a few new tricks in the shade or in the cool apartment and is good for his head .

Conclusion on the subject of asphalt in summer

Summer heat and tarmac can be dangerous for your dog , but with a few precautions you can keep your dog safe. Plan walks at cooler times of the day, test the warmth of the asphalt and regularly care for the paws. By being observant and accommodating to your dog's needs over the summer , you can be sure your darling stays healthy and happy.