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Guide: Dog cool down in summer

Murielle Bolli

During the hot summer days, our dogs also get warm. But the river or lake is not always nearby for a refreshing dip. Find out more ways to cool your dog down in the summer here.

Refreshment for dogs in summer is essential

Summer is a wonderful time to be outside and enjoy the warm rays of the sun . However, the heat can sometimes be a challenge for our furry friends. Dogs have a limited ability to cool down because, unlike us humans, they are not good at sweating and regulate their temperature by panting. So it can be normal for your dog to pant heavily in the summer . It's still super important to help them feel comfortable on hot days and avoid overheating.

Walks with the dog should be taken during the summer days in the early morning or late afternoon and not during the blazing midday sun . The asphalt heats up so much that your darling can burn his paws. Dog breeds with a short muzzle, e.g. B. French bulldogs, get hot much faster. Feel free to check out our post on how to protect your dog from asphalt in the summer .

You can bathe with your dog

One way to provide refreshment is to wet your dog in the summer . A dip in cool water can be very pleasant - we humans know that too. Whether you take your dog to the lake, beach, or pool, your dog should wear a dog life jacket . Dog life jackets are specially designed to allow them to swim safely without tiring. So you can let your dog cool down in the water without any worries.

Australian Shepherd wearing a dog life jacket to cool down in the summer

Further cooling for the dog in summer

Another helpful accessory for hot days is our cool chew toy . These toys can be filled with water and frozen when needed . By chewing on it, your dog gets a pleasant cooling sensation in the mouth area, which refreshes them while lowering their body temperature . You can find our cool-chew toys in our dog toys category. We offer you different shapes and sizes, such as our pineapple or lemon . So you can choose the right cool chew toy for your dog.

Dog drinking bottles for optimal water supply

Dog water bottles are also a must-have for keeping your dog hydrated in the summer . Carry the dog drinking bottle with you on every walk so that you can regularly provide your dog with fresh water . Also, give him an opportunity to drink at all times, especially after he's been active or in the sun. Check that the water in the drinking bowl is cool or add some ice cubes to make it even more refreshing.

Long-term sun is not good for your dog

Remember that dogs also need sun protection. Protect your dog from direct sunlight , especially during the hottest part of the day. If you're going to be outside with your dog for a long time, look for shady spots or invest in an umbrella.

Conclusion: How do you cool dogs down in summer?

In summary, there are several ways to cool down your dog in the summer and protect it from overheating. Life jackets provide security and allow your dog to cool off in the water . Cool-chew toys are not only fun, they provide pleasant refreshment . Dog water bottles ensure your dog stays hydrated on any adventure . Remember to protect your dog from direct sunlight and provide shady spots .

By taking these measures, you can ensure that your dog can enjoy the summer to the fullest without suffering from the heat.