Dogs - Healthy snack box for fun and games (organic coconut & beef lung treats/food dummy bags)

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Would you also like to reward your darling? Then our snack box is just right for you!!

By filling the CAROLINA CORRODI's Oakland dummy bag with the fine organic coconut & beef lung treats, you can optimally satisfy the prey and hunting instinct of your darling.


  1. feed bag
    1. The top item for fetch exercises, games and fun
    2. Size 14cm x 7cm

  2. Organic coconut treats
    1. Supports tick protection, regulates digestion, improves oral flora & natural worm prevention
      Feeding recommendation: 1g per kg body weight of the dog is enough as a reward
      100% pure coconut pulp
      stand-up pouch 200 g
      The treats are handmade with love in Switzerland

  3. Dehydrated Swiss beef lungs
    1. Sensitive and for healthy feeding
    2. Ingredients: 86% organic beef air-dried, organic meat bone meal, 1.5% organic apple fibre, 0.5% minerals
    3. Elegant golden Carolina Corrodi treat box for storing our treats for a long time (gold box 10cm * 10cm)


Snack Box
Dummy Beutel
Kokosnuss Röllchen
Rinderlungen Leckerlis
Dummy Beutel
Kokos Röllchen
Rinderlungen Leckerlis
Rinderlungen Leckerlis für Hunde

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