Dog leash Chester (3-way adjustable, dew, silver, ideal for small & medium-sized dogs)

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Robust & langlebig
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Très chic through the summer - Chester Time

Our CAROLINA CORRODI lines convince with their simple elegance and robustness.

  • Rings knotted in the rope * make it 3-way adjustable and allow you to decide how much space you want to give your darling.
  • Adorable details like pearl pendants
  • Ideal for small and medium-sized dogs, recommended up to 8kg
  • Color:Black
  • The leash can be ideally combined with the CAROLINA CORRODI harnesses & collars and winter coats of the 2021 collection
  • Total length:approx 2m

* Twisted rope tends to pull threads when subjected to excessive stress.

Tauleine Schwarz
Tauleine verstellbar
Tauleine Carolina Corrodi
Tauleine schwarz
Tauleine verstellbar