Dog leashes Canberra

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A lot of joy with our coloured leashes!

  • Designed for small and medium-sized dogs (traction up to 90 kg)
  • The extremely soft handle provides high comfort
  • Extremely durable and tear resistant
  • Super light and soft dog leash (40gr)
  • Measurements:
  • Length: 140cm
  • Weight: 40gr
  • Diameter: 6mm
  • Handmade
Dog leashes Canberra
Regenbogenfarbene Hundeleine Tau
Dog leashes Canberra
Dog leashes Canberra
Premium brand for dog fashion & dog accessories in Switzerland
  • First-class dog fashion with meaning and purpose from Switzerland.

  • Made from the finest materials and finest fabrics.

  • Every order actively supports animal shelters around the world.

  • GAIA Collection: Made from 100% recycled raw materials.