Brand inspiration

1. How did you come to decide to found your own label and where does your passion for four-legged friends come from?

I am a big animal lover and so far I have always looked in vain for functional and beautiful dog products. This motivated me to be creative myself, to design and produce outfits, the birth of the CAROLINA CORRODI label. The name pays homage to my family, who are also very animal-loving. It is important to me to produce dog pieces with a purpose. When I was in Mexico in March 2018, I saw the plight of the many dogs in need and heard the Lupita dog and cat home calling for help. The predicament of the animals changed everything for me. I discovered a photo of Bambii, a street dog with no hind legs. It was then that I realized that I would like to actively do something to improve his situation. My first step was to adopt Bambii to give him the help, security and relief he needed. Today he is doing well given the circumstances. He was given a small frame with wheels for his hind legs that enabled him to participate actively in life again..

2. In your opinion, what makes the dog fashion from CAROLINA CORRODI so special?

I am convinced that business and charity can be combined in certain places. On the one hand I delight dog owners with my trendy items, on the other hand we try very hard to give something back. Especially animals who unfortunately don't know what a beautiful home is. I am a huge advocate of donations, regardless of the amount. I believe in my innovative business model by donating part of the proceeds to selected organizations. Charity plays a major role for us. We support animal shelters around the world. We also try, inter alia, through social media to create awareness of how crowded animal shelters are.