The founder of the label “CAROLINA CORRODI” lived for several years in Mexico and is well-acquainted with the local conditions. She herself is the proud owner of a Pomeranian, called “Baloo”.


The inspiration for the brand “CAROLINA CORRODI” were the dogs, Baloo & Bambii. The story of these two dogs could not be more different.

Baloo learned from the beginning of life only affection and love. In return, the street dog Bambii was completely different; he was mistreated throughout his life, with the result that he can never walk.

The founder of “CAROLINA CORRODI” was always looking for beautiful dog articles, but found nothing that suited her taste. This motivated her to become creative herself, to design and make outfits; that was the birth of the later launched label, “CAROLINA CORRODI”. In March 2018 she saw on-site the plight of needy dogs and the call for help from Lupita. The plight of the animals changed everything. When she discovered the photo of Bambii, she wanted to actively do something to relieve the animal. Her first step was to adopt Bambii immediately to give him the necessary help, security and relief. Bambii is doing well in the circumstances today; he received a figurine with wheels for the hind legs that allowed him to walk again.

From the point of view of businesswoman and her business idea, she was convinced that business and donations can be combined.

“Donating is good. I believe in my business model by donating part of the proceeds to the organization I have chosen. On the one hand, with my articles, I can offer the dog owners a nice and trendy solution and, on the other hand, help the animals in need. Since I’m in Mexico 3-4 times a year, I can make sure that the money is used appropriately. That’s a sustainable solution. “