Rochelle Dog Harness

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Breathtaking and soft soft crockery, accented with a luxurious velvet ribbon and pearls.

  • Our Rochelle soft tableware fascinates with its pink color as well as the soft materials and the delightful design
  • Harnesses are not pulled over the head to put them on
  • Super soft material prevents irritation of the skin
  • Designed so that there is no pressure point behind the front legs
  • Carefully selected and first-class materials that correspond to the characteristics comfort, durability, innovation and sustainability
  • Dog harness can be enlarged or reduced at both locks - harness is therefore also perfect for dogs that sometimes wear more or less fur
  • Easy to put on with Velcro and additional security with 2 click fasteners
  • Handmade
  • Color:pink
  • Sizes:
    • No. 1 (800gr - 1.9kg)
    • No. 2 (2kg - 2.8kg)
    • No. 3 (2.9kg - 3.9kg)
    • No. 4 (4.1 kg - 5.5kg)
    • No. 5 (5.6 - 7kg)