Organic coconut roll treats (supports tick protection & healthy digestion)

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The beloved coconut roll treats are very popular with our four-legged friends.

Organic coconut rolls contain numerous minerals for a balanced diet

Feeding recommendation:1g per kg body weight of the dog is enough as a reward.

Coconut rolls are an excellent way to stimulate or regulate your dog's digestion. While classic worm tablets are only effective in the event of an acute parasite infestation, coconut is said to have a preventive effect. Nevertheless, coconut should ensure that the dog becomes parasite-free again in the event of a worm infestation.

Supports tick protection.

A perfect reward treat when going for a walk or at dog school

100% pure coconut pulp (analytical components:protein 18.3%, crude fiber 17.2%, inorganic matter:2%, fat content 8.5%. 260kcal/100g.)

The treats are handmade with love in Switzerland

Bio Kokosnuss Röllchen
Hundeleckerli Kokos
Hundeleckerli Bio Kokosnuss Röllchen
Hundeleckerli kokos
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