Organic coconut roll treats (supports tick protection)

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The beloved coconut roll treats are very popular with our four-legged friends.

Organic coconut rolls contain numerous minerals for a balanced diet

Feeding recommendation:1 gr per kg of dog's body weight as a reward.

Coconut rolls are a great way to get your dog's digestion going or to regulate it. While classic worm tablets are only effective in acute parasite infestation, coconut is said to have a preventive effect. Nevertheless, coconut should ensure that the dog becomes parasite-free again in the event of a worm infestation.

A perfect treat when going for a walk or in the dog school

100% pure coconut pulp (analytical components:protein 18.3%, crude fiber 17.2%, inorganic matter:2%, fat content 8.5%. 260kcal/100g.)

The treats are made by hand in Switzerland with a lot of love