Chelsea Doubleleash Leather Leash

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The Chelsea double leash with the unique Popo Bag by Carolina Corrodi is a must have for every dog walk where your two pets are taken out.

  • A double leash is a special form of leash, where two dogs can be led over two pieces of leash
  • The double leash offers you a special comfort during dog walks and prevents unwanted entanglement, which often cannot be avoided with two separate leashes
  • Our unique design with the Popo Bag is not only practical but also totally trendy
  • Perfect match to our Carolina Corrodi Step-In leather harnesses
  • The extremely soft handle provides high comfort
  • The beautiful, handmade dog leash from finest leather from Italy is a real classic
  • The line can be adjusted as required. You can take 1, 2 or 3 dogs with you, as the leash is designed to allow you to attach or remove additional pieces
  • The double leash can be converted to a normal dog leash if you only walk with one dog
  • For dogs up to 12kg
  • Colours: Classic black
  • Length: 121cm
Chelsea Doubleleash Leather Leash
Chelsea Doubleleash Leather Leash
Chelsea Doubleleash Leather Leash

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