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♻️Sustainable dog fashion: The GAIA collection 100% recycled and adjustable dog harnesses made from old PET bottles etc.♻️

French bulldogs, Shiba Inus, Viszlas and other medium-sized breeds are now equipped with the new product from CAROLINA CORRODI from an early age in a climate-neutral way.

Did you have trouble finding a suitable one dog harness for your dog to find? A harness specially developed by CAROLINA CORRODI, which is infinitely adjustable, solves your problem!

  • Suitable for all medium-sized dogs - regardless of body type
  • Can be infinitely adjusted to the size of your loved one at 4 points
  • Suitable to wear over sweaters / coats
  • Easy to put on
  • Heavy-duty materials (suitable for Frenchies who pull hard)
  • Balanced pulling point design eliminates larynx pulling
  • The perfect fit lies comfortably around the dog's body
  • Color gray
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Cleaning: hand wash

  • Material: 100% recycled tableware. 100% from raw material used, such as PET bottles, which are given a second life. Carefully selected and processed, nylon, acetal and polyprophyne ensure extremely good wearing comfort and maximum safety.

  • Dimensions:

The harness is totally adjustable and fits all Frenchies, Shiba Inu, Pugs and other medium sized dog breeds.
Neck and chest circumference: adjustable from 36-48 cm
Waist circumference: adjustable from 45-68 cm

Weight of the dog harness: 140 g

Hundegeschirr Madaskar 100 recycled Carolina Corrodi
Hundegeschirr Madagaskar grau vorderseite
Hundegeschirr Madagaskar grau rückseite
Premium brand for dog fashion & dog accessories in Switzerland
  • First-class dog fashion with meaning and purpose from Switzerland.

  • Made from the finest materials and finest fabrics.

  • Every order actively supports animal shelters around the world.

  • GAIA Collection: Made from 100% recycled raw materials.