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Innovative and sustainable - CAROLINA CORRODI delivers modern reinterpretation of dog fashion. Our products represent the pinnacle of Swiss design and superior craftsmanship in terms of quality and attention to detail.

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CAROLINA CORRODI is the Swiss premium brand for dog accessories

At CAROLINA CORRODI we attach great importance to sustainability, especially when it comes to our dog harnesses. Our harnesses are not only of high quality, but also adjustable in size. This means that you don't have to constantly buy a new harness during your dog's growth phase.

We understand that dogs grow quickly, and it can be expensive to constantly buy new equipment. That's why we've designed our harnesses to grow with your dog. With customization options, you can always adjust the harness to best fit your dog's size and comfort.

Buy a Chest Harness Twice? Not with us

With our sustainable and customizable dog harnesses, we want to offer you a long-term solution that is not only functional, but also saves money and protects the environment. Thank you for choosing CAROLINA CORRODI and contributing to a sustainable future.


Our mission at CAROLINA CORRODI is to provide premium dog fashion with purpose. When you buy a product from us, you not only get exclusive, fashionable and comfortable dog clothing, but you also support animals in need.

We firmly believe that business and charity are compatible. That's why we are committed to not only delighting dog owners* with our trendy products, but also giving back. Every purchase at CAROLINA CORRODI contributes to helping animals in need and giving them a better future.

Thanks to your support, together we can make a positive contribution and do some good. Enjoy the premium quality and style of our dog fashion while being part of a meaningful mission. Thank you for choosing CAROLINA CORRODI and joining us in making a difference.

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How do you put on a dog harness correctly?

Open all the buckles and place the harness over your dog's back. Thread your dog's legs through the loops and attach the buckles. Make sure the harness fits snugly, but not too tightly, and that your dog can move freely.

How do you measure a dog harness?

Measure your dog's chest circumference directly behind his front legs and the circumference of his neck. Most harnesses list sizes based on these measurements. Make sure the harness is tight enough to not slip but loose enough to be comfortable.

Why does my dog ​​need a dog harness?

A dog harness provides better control over your dog, distributes pressure evenly across the body and prevents strain on the neck area, especially if your dog tends to pull.

Which dog harness is best?

The best dog harness depends on your dog’s individual needs. It should be comfortable, safe and made of durable materials. Also consider your dog's activity levels and size.

What should I consider when buying a dog harness?

Look for the right size, adjustable straps, high-quality materials and an ergonomic fit. A good fit is crucial to avoid pressure points and chafing.

When is a dog harness useful?

A dog harness is useful if your dog tends to pull on the leash, has health problems such as breathing or back problems, or for better control in busy areas.