Pumba was rescued from the worst conditions at the Animal Control Center in Mexico City and taken to our Charity Animal Shelter, Lupis.
She struggled to survive because she was seriously hurt when Lupis rescued her. After a couple of days she got better with Lupis Veterinary care and stayed safe in the shelter, until she was adopted by an amazing family from Austria.
Pumba is doing wonderfully. Her new Spanish mother named Irene and her Austrian father named Bernhard say she lives safe and happy with them. She loves to snuggle every evening while they watch television and loves Austrian food.
Animal Shelter Carolina Corrodi
You can see Pumba looking out the window admiring the beautiful landscape of her new home.
Did you know that with every Carolina Corrodi you are helping an animal in need?
CAROLINA CORRODI supports several animal shelters in Mexico, including the dog and cat home of Lupita in Mexico City. These animals come from a killing station or were freed from emergency situations. The goal of the animal shelter is to find a nice and new home for the animals, which is a big challenge for Lupita every day. Lupita has saved over 3500 dogs and cats in the last 6 years.
We take our cause very seriously, our little friends suffer everyday searching for food and safety, living in the most unfair and terrible conditions. We believe that everyone can help, if not adopting, donating, informing and rescuing. Always remember that CHANGE begins with YOU!
Learn More in our CHARITY section: https://carolinacorrodi.com/pages/charity
September 18, 2019 — Jacqueline Schurter